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Over 400 Fans and End of Year Summary

Posted by itsreddqueen - December 26th, 2021

First and foremost, I just wanna say thank you all for over 400 fans here on Newgrounds, that's over 400 people who took the time out of their lives to see what I do and i'm incredibly grateful for that. Love y'all!

You guys have made me feel real welcome here and it's something that I've been wanting for a very long time. At the start of the year when I joined NG, I was in a very low place, I was adjusting to a massive move from north of the river to south to a suburb with no clear separation of church and state, I needed a place to get away from a malevolent algorithm who was constantly beating me down, and I was actually fighting a long battle with my crippling self doubt, comparing myself to others from my past who have wronged me, and the fact that my grandfather passed away not that far off from that whole situation.

So yeah, not a good time.

The last thing he told me was that he was proud of me, and that gave me the strength to keep moving forward. To know that I made someone proud was just enough.

In May I also had quite the mental health slump, I was considerably worried about how others may perceive me so I took it upon myself to reprogram myself and boss up and have that Take-No-Shit attitude.

So when I say that I am proud of someone, I hope that I could give them the strength to keep pushing onward.

And if it weren't for the kindness of those who I am more than proud to call my friends, I wouldn't have stuck around for long here on NG. So I wanna give a massive thank you to the ones who were there for me.

from my first ever follower @LarryIRL to those who I've been thankful to know over this past year

@Stepford , Your kindness has really made an impact on me when I was at my lowest this year.

@Chipollo , You've made it big here on NG, I know that for sure, so keep at it and i'll always be here for you if you need a confidence boost.

@SlickRamen , You're stronger than you think and I know for a damn fact that you're gonna kick much more ass in 2022

@plufmot , We gotta arrange a time where we can catch up and grab some goon!

@CommanderKuni and @UgasiSvelta , You two are gonna definitely hit your stride in the UCU. Keep at it!

@Lanadoodles , One of the realest MFs I know, it's always such a blast being abole to talk about our hyperfixations together and we'll always have each other's backs!

and everybody at @TheNewgroundsPodcast




and we couldn't forget about dearest @podchan The Official Mascot!

Being able to work with the NGP is an amazing opportunity, I've learned so much from these guys and I will continue to do so, thank you for seeing potential in me! <3

And even getting to do a Newgrounds Night stream with my good mate TotesVidya on twitch with super special guest Michael Cusack. That was a massive highlight of my year!

I also got to chat with those who I look up to greatly in this community, especially MindChamber. (tbh I still felt kinda shy @ ing him but if you do see this MC, Hi!) also hi Tom!

And I know that 2022 will be an amazing year with everything I know is just on the horizon. I ain't going nowhere so you'll see plenty more from me in the upcoming year, just you wait!

365 more opportunities to wrangle your demons and make them your bitch!

365 more chances to boss up and get everything in life you've been working your asses off for!

365 more times to show the world what you're truly made of. You may feel like tin foil but deep down you are the tougher than tungsten! and don't you ever forget that!

365 more reasons to get a damn good bowl of ramen!

I fucking love you guys, thank you for letting me into this community with open arms. We're gonna continue showing the world the true potential of what a community like Newgrounds can achieve!

So until then, Kick ass, eat ramen and stay radical <3.


P.S. us Aussie Newgrounders R E A L L Y gotta catch up once we all get our jabs. You're all gonna get so many hugs from me, that's a guarantee!




Thank you so much Redd!

You were one of the first actually to *talk talk* to me in the NGP server and in general. Your kind act made me feel worth in sticking around this community. I aspire to move past my insecurities and regrets in order to constantly improve. I look up to you and stride to be like you. A huge positive influence to the community. Though I doubt i'll get there soon as you continue to grow, and I hope you do! You have alot of talent and have done alot of good! Thank you for being a great friend

<3333333333 much love redd :)))

Stay bossing it up, beep boop!

Here is to another awesome year!!!

Nice to know that we'll be seeing more stuff from you!

Glad you’re able to be yourself here :) I never knew you did the character design for Podchan, but that’s really exciting I bet! Cheers to you and keep on trucking B)

I think for kind of a shit two years globally, the community here really made it uplifting. I think the streams, the podcasts, virtual summer fests etc really made it worthwhile while surviving ummm. A deadly pandemic that’s all.

Thanks for sharing your backstory. Always amazing how people work their way into the community whether by accident, boredom, or sometimes even trauma or anything in between.

I got to know a lot of new people like yourself and that lil chip cunt. It’s been cool. See you next year!

Right back at ya, Luis! You’re one rad dude and don’t you ever forget it!

Congratulations yet again Redd, myself and many others are incredibly proud of you! And like Kuni said in his message, you're someone we all really look up to. Youre awesome Redd, like truly you're one of the kindest and coolest people I've ever met and I'm really glad we're friends. Much love from us over at the UCU, keep goin! One day you'll be at 1k and I'll be smiling and saying "Ayyy you go girl!"

A massive step on the mountain of numbers, Congrats! And good to read about all that yearly goodness.

Feels like Luis pretty much summed it up. NG's been a real bright point in a sometimes overwhelming darkness these two years. Reminds you to just keep goin'. Good times ahead.