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Spice level: enough to make you shit literal fire

We call that the Darnell spice level!

holy fuck this rocks... when does the collab end ???
i might make a cute cupcake or something !!!

We were thinking Nov. 15th! This will hopefully give people plenty of time to submit their recipes.

I look forward to this event.

It has been my dream to recreate the dish from Winter Horrorland(with a non-human substitute, of course)

I've heard that Pork is great for a substitute.

yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoy! Heck yeah

really cool, I'll have to think for a bit if I actually have any recipes worth sharing

Whoa, I gotta think about this too! What a great collab :D

ooh yeah im definitely doin this

Food is so juicy

Would Homestar Runner count?

Oh my god, a cookbook! I’ve already compiled a list of recipes I’ve gotten from people online, some of whom happen to be NG users - I guess that time to shine has come! I’ll have to ask them if they want to participate! (And contribute my own hehe)

Also… you do realize that this NG based cookbook will inherently be required to have a recipe for @Tom’s breakfast smoothies that he talked about on the NGP, right?

Omg, YES!! Next time I get in contact with Tom, I'm gonna ask if he wants to share his smoothie recipes.


Hopefully no vegan dishes. Those people are so annoying!

Gonna be the star of Thanksgiving this year when I serve Piconjo's p3n0r-coladas

The perfect drink 4 g3tt1n c4ugh7 in t3h r4in!

Where exactly do we submit the recipie. By that I mean, if one doesn't have discord, what would be the appropriate place to submit it?

Unfortunately you will need a discord account to be able to join the collab server to submit the recipe. This makes it easier to compile the recipes and format them in the PDF file as well as hopefully learn a thing or two from fellow contributors in the server.

can i join?

Ooooo, there are few things I can cook but what I can I might be able to share. Love this idea. Will there be a limit to the amount of recipes?

When you join the Collab’s server you can submit as many recipes as you want but Kuni and I will be compiling the best ones for the cookbook. I say that each contributor will get 3 recipes featured max as to not overtake the others.

Looks pretty good. I might gonna do a great Special Sub-Par Sandwhiches.

Hey! This seems cool! I want to join

Steve's pretty pink birthday cake with his face on it?

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